Tales of Hearts R announced for Playstation Vita

Following in the footsteps of Tales of Innocence R, which was originally a port of a DS title, it seems as though Namco Bandai has decided to port yet another DS title. Tales of Hearts was originally released on the DS in 2008, but much like Tales of Innocence, it never saw a release outside of Japan. Tales of Hearts R was revealed in this week’s Jump magazine with a few details regarding the game.

One new character by the name of ‘Calcedoni Arkam’ will be joining the cast

The game will now be fully 3D this time

Full voice will now be available for story scenarios

New events have been added

It is scheduled to release in Spring 2013

I always thought there was something curious about that message you received upon clearing Tales of Innocence R (featured above). I guess a part of me already knew they were planning on making a Vita port of Tales of Hearts next. North America missed out on the previous Vita port. Let’s hope they actually try to work towards bringing this one over rather than letting it slip through their fingers again.

Tales of Hearts R Jump scan

Credits go to: Tale Tale Source