First screenshots released for Macross 30

Recently, we posted an announcement regarding a new Macross game for Playstation 3 to mark the 30th year anniversary for the series. Well, it seems as though that shortly after this announcement, Famitsu posted 30+ screenshots to their website online with some information regarding the game. Okay, so we already know it’s a crossover title and it takes place on a planet called Uroboros, but how did everyone arrive on this planet?

That, we still don’t know just yet. All we know about the planet is that there seems to be some kind of time distortion. The fold which controls time is very unstable (which probably allows Macross Frontier characters to enter a Macross Plus timeline and so on). There also seems to be some kind of ‘Hunter Guild’ on the planet that you can join and take quests from. These ‘hunters’ act as a military to help keep the peace since this planet does not have any sort of laws yet due to still being quite new an hardly inhabited.

That’s all we know so far though. I’m sure additional details we begin pouring in over the next few weeks though, so be sure to check back for new information regarding this title. As a Macross fan myself, all I can say is… it’s about damn time. I’ve been waiting for a Macross game to finally come to Playstation 3 and it’s finally happening!

Credits for the screenshots go to: Famitsu

Screenshot gallery