Huge update released for Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

A massive update for the North American version of free-to-play shooter Gundam Capsule Fighter Online was announced today by developer OGPlanet in a statement to the press. The update will reportedly feature major additions which will include:

  • New Graphics – The update will improve the overall graphics found in-game with changes such as new lighting, motion blur, comic style, depth of vision and shadows. These changes should improve the visual style of the game noticeably.
  • New UI – The game will also feature a new and improved UI making the game more accessible than ever.
  • Improvements to PVP  – Changes have reportedly been made to make PVP more balanced.
  • Play vs AI – You will be able to square off against computer controlled Gundam units of the same level.
  • New missions and units – The update also features a new mission titled Into Dawn Skies as well as two new units to utilize.

You can find out more at, where you are also given the option to download and start playing for free. Enjoy!