Stealth Bastard coming to Steam

Stealth Bastard, the hit indie sneak-around title is coming to Steam according to developer Curve Studios. The game was originally launched as a free download on the studios website, and has been downloaded over 125,000 times during a span of twelve months, and now the game will be receiving a number of updates for its Steam debut.

The game offers  a solid combination of old-school platforming and modern stealth sensibilities. Some have offered the comparison of Metal Gear Solid meets Meat Boy to describe the interesting title.

“We were amazed at the success of the original Stealth Bastard,” says Jonathan Biddle, design director, Curve Studios. “What was originally just an exercise in trimming the fat off existing stealth mechanics has grown into a phenomenal cult hit.

The Steam version of the game will reportedly feature additions such as a level editor, and a narrative for the protagonist which makes things a little more interesting.

“The free version of Stealth Bastard, was only ever a sketch; an incomplete vision of what we really wanted to do. With the new release on Steam, we’ve now been given the opportunity to build on the original’s foundations, and broaden the gameplay experience in every area. I can’t wait to plaster brand new grins across the faces of existing Stealth Bastard fans, as well as new ones,” says Biddle.

The game is set to be released via Steam next month, and for those of you who want to check out the free version, it is still available via the Curve Studios website here but it is no longer updated.