G4 shutting down X-Play, Attack of the Show!, and The Feed

G4 has taken 3 hard hits today as it announced that it would be shutting down production of long time running X-Play and Attack of the Show! by the end of 2012. This news comes after months of speculation and reports about plans to take G4 in a different direction.

“Both shows will include original episodes through the end of the year, and will look back at their most memorable moments as we lead up to their final episodes,” G4 explained on their official statement.

Both shows brought prominent attention to gaming culture with personalities such as Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Chris Hardwick and Adam Sessler.

The bad news doesn’t end there. Joystiq is reporting that a source has informed them the editorial staff at G4TV.com’s “The Feed” is being laid off by the end of November. There is no word on how many total staff have already been affected, but it looks like five editors have already been laid off and only a small crew remains.

This has not been a good year for video game related media both online or in print. Earlier this year Nintendo Power announced plans to stop publishing its magazine with the last issue going out in December.

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