GTA: Vice City 10th anniversary plus details on the upcoming mobile release!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released on October 29th 2002. If you didn’t play this game or just overlooked it, you’d better feel sorry for yourself. This game was amazing, and it was the staple for the GTA franchise that made it blow up (Sure GTA3 was great but VC was legit.) With this groovy title, you got to live the life of Tommy Vercetti and explore the skyscrapers of Miami, a beautiful metropolitan area that was built off of drugs. It really captures the luster and chaos of 1986 in Florida which is no laughing matter, but the game it self is over the top, and fun.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary, there will be a series of commemorative goodies released, including never before seen artwork and a brand new anniversary trailer showing off the most memorable scenes and music from VC. In addition, a limited slew of collectible promotional items will be made available for purchase through the Rockstar Warehouse, with select items also available via online giveaways.

But ThatVideoGameBlog fans.. the most exciting part about all this news is that Rockstar will be releasing GTA: VC for select iOS and Android devices!! Soon we will be able to play this gem of a game in high resolution on our own mobile devices as well as partake of new enhancements to the game. At least Rockstar is breathing life into an old game by actually releasing it for a new system rather than exhuming the decade old digital corpse that it was, unlike other companies (Lest we forget how many times a certain someone released Bambi -.-)