Full English trailer for Dream Club Complete Edipyon!

Okay, I admit… even I joke about this series, but this trailer takes it to an entirely different level. Even if you’re not a fan of Dream C Club, I encourage you to watch this for a good laugh. I was practically crying by the time it finished! Oh and you should probably keep in mind that… Even though this is in English, this is by no means a hope for a localization, heh.

I can assure you, not all fans are like this. In any event, let’s get down to the details! The trailer shows two guys obsessing over the series while talking in English while Japanese subtitles pop up on the bottom of the screen. During this, they watch a trailer on their TV for Dream Club Complete Edipyon!. Just when they think it’s over, an announcement is suddenly made!

Apparently, D3 Publisher is also bringing a PS3 version of Dream C Club Zero as well. Now, I was under the impression that Dream Club Complete Edipyon! had all of the features of the original as well as the stuff from Zero (judging from screenshots and trailer for this new title anyway), so I’m not entirely sure why they’re releasing a Dream Club Zero Complete Edipyon! also.

The trailer ends with a brief announcement that Dream C Club 5 will be coming in 2013. I’m going to assume it is set for a Spring release since the trailer reads, “2013 Grand Opening”. We’ll have to wait and see though. If you missed the debut trailer, you can check it out here.

Now, prepare yourself for some terribly bad actors pretending to be Japanese! Trust me, despite how horrible it is, it’s well worth the watch. You just can’t write stuff as funny as this on purpose! There’s no way!