New soldier type confirmed for Earth Defense Force 4

Famitsu has reported in this week’s issue that a new type of soldier has been confirmed for Earth Defense Force 4. It is called an ‘Air Raider’. Sounds cool, right? Well, guess what? This Air Raider can also raid the ground!

That’s right. Air Raider soldiers are capable of tackling the skies as well as supporting ground troops. This is a rank three soldier that handles air raid bombings. Aside from revealing the new soldier type, Famitsu also reports that characters can request air raids as well as HP recovery units, but these can only be accessed from certain parts of the map.

Lastly, you can also request bikes, tanks, armored cars, and even a helicopter! Land mines, automatic weapons, bombs, and control type bombs can also be installed to the new unit.

Credits go to: Game Nyarth