Over 70 characters confirmed for Dynasty Warriors 8

Even more details have popped up for Dynasty Warriors 8 (also known as Shin Sangoku Musou 7 in Japan). Famitsu has revealed that there will be over 70 characters playable in the new installment. That’s a lot! That’s not all though. They have also shared with us some additional details about the system mechanics and what to expect as far as new content.

Lots of effort is being put into the Story Mode this time. It begins with the opening from the original Dynasty Warriors.

Free Mode has made a return.

Previously, you were forced to travel in a linear path. This time, you will have more freedom with your route choices.

The new commander to be introduced will be from the Wu dynasty.

More enemy soldiers will be possible with something known as “deferred lighting” which takes less processing.

Difficulty is low, yet action is high! Consecutive attacks for one button is supported.

New mode added (it is unsure what this is at this time).

Co-op to be improved. A story specifically for co-op mode is being planned.

So, looks like Dynasty Warriors fans have a lot to look forward this time around! The game is slated for 2013 at some point, but we’ll get a more concrete date soon enough, I imagine. Like other Dynasty Warriors games, you can bet this one will be localized in 2013 also since they’ve been pretty good about localizing Dynasty Warriors titles.

If you’re interested, you can check out two scans below from Famitsu.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Famitsu scans

Credits go to: Game Nyarth