System details for Dynasty Warriors 8

Earlier, it was reported that Dynasty Warriors 8 had been announced in the latest issue of Jump. Well, following that leak, it seems that even more information has been revealed through Famitsu. There have been some characters leaked already as well as system details. So, let’s go through the characters we know of first.

Zhao Yun

Dian Wei

Xiahou Dun

Zhuge Liang

Zhou Yu

Cao Cao (special weapon has been changed to Commander Sword)

Sun Shangxiang

Gakushin (this character uses two hooks as their weapon)

Li Dian (this character uses a battle spear as their weapon)

Zhang Liao

Now I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what the new system details are, so keep reading to find out! Let’s start with the first one.

Variable Counter. The Variable Counter is a new special action which can be activated due to your enemy’s weapon affinity being bad. By using the power behind your enemy’s attack, you are able to create a knockback effect, blowing the enemy away as well as any nearby enemies. When using this, your weapon changes entirely.

Awakening Action. After certain requirements are met, this will become activated. During activation, your abilities will see a considerable increase and your power display will change to “awakening display of power.” If you manage to defeat enough enemies during this state, your abilities will continue to increase and you will become even stronger, granting you a display of “truly awakened display of power.” During this time, it it much easier to obtain EXP items from defeated enemies.

Storm Rush. Every weapon has an affinity. If your weapon has a good affinity against the enemy commander’s weapon, you can activate this technique. Once breaking the enemy commander’s stance, you can destroy them! However, the more you attack during this, the slower your attacks will become, so use with caution!

Credits go to: Game Nyarth