Tales of Hearts R currently halfway complete

Famitsu has reported in this week’s issue that development for Tales of Hearts R is currently 50% complete. They have also shared with us some new details on what to expect for the enhanced port. So, what’s new, you ask? Well, let’s take a look!

– There will be full 3D battles now

Chase Link Mode: Chase Link Mode is a new mode added for this game. When you are in the middle of a battle and fulfill certain conditions during an attack, your character will enter Chase Link Mode. Upon knocking an enemy into the air, there is a moment where you can close the gap and overtake the enemy.

Overlimit: A specific name has not been given to this yet, but there seems to be an Overlimit gauge similar to that featured in Tales of Vesperia.

On top of revealing new features, they also discussed different artes for characters as well. Those artes being:

Soaring Parry (used by Shing Meteoryte)

Needle Sparrow (used by Jadeite Hearts)

Blue Blade (used by Calcedoni Arkam)

There were also new cut ins introduced for Shing and Calcedoni. You can check out the new scans featured in Famitsu below!

Tales of Hearts R Famitsu scans

Credits go to: Tale Tale Source