Black Ops II: Trailer released for Nuketown 2025 map

A new trailer for the Nuketown 2025 map in Black Ops II made its way onto the web today courtesy of Activision. The map is an updated version of the popular kill-fest found in the first Black Ops, and from what I’ve seen in the awesome trailer (which can be seen below), it looks even better than the original.

In case you haven’t heard, the map is available free to those who pre-order their copy of Black Ops II, and those who do so will also be given access to the initial double XP weekend. Details about the DLC season pass were also outlined today – the pass will retail for $49.99 and give players access to the upcoming 2013 content.

Are you excited for Black Ops? I know I am, being a big fan of series myself (I might catch some flack for admitting that, whatever). Let us know in the comments section below!