Borderlands Legends now available for iOS

Borderlands LegendsAll your favorite Borderlands characters are back for a new iteration on the iOS. 2K Games has unleashed Borderlands Legends for both the iPhone and iPad (HD), which is now available in the App Store. Control Mordecai, Lilith, Brick and Roland in this isometric action-packed adventure that will have you unloading into waves of enemies. Characters have their own set of unique skills and abilities, earn experience and level up, and don’t forget the weapons, as Borderland Legends boasts “bazillions” of different weapons. As an iPhone owner, I will definitely be checking this out, although I feel it would be better suited for the iPad.¬†Surprisingly, there has been no reports or release information on an Android version, so keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, hit up the App Store¬†[$4.99 /¬†$6.99 (HD)] for this Diablo-esque fun in the Borderlands universe.