Release date set for Mass Effect Trilogy

Back in September, it was thought that the Mass Effect Trilogy was going to be coming in November of this year… November 7th specifically. That, apparently, isn’t the case. Bioware has announced that it will in fact come a month later on December 4th.

For those of you that are planning on getting this and are unaware as to what is exactly included, take a look at the list below:

Mass Effect:

Bring Down The Sky DLC & Pinnacle Station DLC (Pinnacle Station is PC only)

Mass Effect 2

Overlord, Cerberus Network, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi on-disc DLC

Mass Effect 3:

Original on-disc DLC

All of this content will be available for each platform, except for the additional DLC for the PC version shown above. The Mass Effect Trilogy is listed for $59.99. If you want additional details, please visit the website below.

Mass Effect website