Debut trailer for Mass Effect Trilogy released

A trailer for Mass Effect Trilogy has been released recently from Bioware and Electronic Arts. Let me get some confusion out of the way though. There have been a few release dates floating around and it has caused me to backtrack multiple times now, so let me see if I can clear this up once and for all.

Okay, apparently… The PC and XBOX 360 versions will be releasing before the Playstation 3 version. The PC and XBOX 360 versions will release on November 5th, while the Playstation 3 version will be releasing next month on December 4th. The release date they kept giving us was a little sketchy since they said that the Mass Effect Trilogy would be releasing on December 4, 2012, which is true, but now I see that not all versions release on the same day. These are the final release dates though. Sorry about the confusion if you’ve been following this since the beginning.

Now go check out the debut trailer for the Mass Effect Trilogy below and tell us what you think, guys!