Hitman: Absolution “Living Breathing World” trailer revealed

I/O Interactive has revealed the sixth trailer in their “Introducing” series on Hitman: Absolution. The world around Agent 47 as he tries to fulfill contracts is critical to how the game plays out, and I/O Interactive is showing off it’s GLACIER 2 engine and how they have improved that feeling from the previous iteration, Hitman: Blood Money. The trailer brings us into the lives of the citizens of Agent 47’s world, and the motivations that these NPCs will drive how they respond and act to certain situations when you decide it is time to eliminate your target in whatever fashion you feel.

While Blood Money attempted to draw this in, it still felt scripted, and NPCs were incredibly predictable. Now, it appears that just doing a little eavesdropping in on someone’s conversation may reveal the next opportunity to take out your target, or just make you laugh. Whichever it is, I think Hitman: Absolution is doing things right if this trailer reveals what we can expect from this “living, breathing world”.