MAG II Gun Controller coming to PS3 and PC November 13th

Gaming peripheral company AIE has announced that they will be releasing  their FPS-oriented gun controller the MAG II for the PS3 and PC the 13th of this month.

According to AIE the controller “is supported by a team of engineers who are dedicated to enhancing the FPS experience. Future downloadable updates (via PC) will be available to unlock new functions and gameplay modes accessible via the MAG II Gun Controllers’ Function Dial.” Sounds interesting. And the controller looks pretty legit. I may have to try one out for myself.

AIE is promising that the MAG II is much more than just a light gun, and state that it is “a compact, ergonomic, ultra responsive, precision FPS controller.” Bold words, which I really hope they back up, because some of the other similar peripherals for the PS3 that I have tried were disappointing to say the least. The design looks pretty spiffy, if anything. AIE also says that the controller is the only of its kind on the market to offer both Motion Sensing and Gyroscopic Induction movement tracking, which differentiates it from other products on the market currently.

The AIE is also reportedly compatible with all FPS games as it works on the existing control schemes found in games, with “on-the-fly calibration”. Sounds good to me if it works like it’s supposed to.

Look for the MAG II on November 15th via and