Welcome to the new Playstation Store!

Well folks, it’s finally here, the new redesigned Playstation Network (PSN for short) Store! You’ve read the articles, you’ve seen the screen shots, but now it’s time for you to experience a revamped way of finding your favorite games and movies to purchase or demos to download. So how does this new interface hold up against the last? Let’s take a look, shall we?

A side- by-side comparison of the last and latest PSN Store designs

As you can see, the new PSN Store has a darker and sleeker design, sort of like Apple got their hands on it. The menus flow together very well, making your selections quicker and easier to find. A more distinct sorting of the games and movies were added, like how the handheld consoles were differentiated from the PS3 itself. I remember getting confused over what demos I could or couldn’t download because of there was no distinction about what console they were for or if they were Move-only games.

This all has been rectified for¬†convenience, which is what the future should be all about, I mean you’ve seen Back to the Future Part II, right?¬†¬†Everything is easier to find, it looks nicer, it works better. That’s all that matters, and I’m sure everyone is happy with this redesign, so good job Sony!

Image Credit: blog.playstation.com