Halo 4 and American Express take achievements to the next level! And early players banned?

Is it raining money? Nope, my bad. Just blood and steel.


Are we seeing the next evolution in gaming? I think so! American Express and Microsoft have teamed up to reward normal players as well as the “completionists”. Eligible card holders in the United States of America and the United Kingdom who sync their AmEx card with their Xbox Live accounts will begin receiving coupons and money for playing Halo 4.

The coupons will be good at places like AMC Theatres, Carphone warehouse, and PacSun. Of course, once this gets out I’m sure the list will expand rapidly. Just for syncing your card and XBL, members will receive an automatic credit of $10 (US) or £10 (UK).

What will you have to do to receive said money? The same thing you’ll be doing anyway! AmEx cardholders will receive credits for all in-game achievements including completing the single-player campaign on Normal or the harder difficulty settings. For beating the game, your American Express account will automatically post a $25 credit (£25 for Europe) to your next statement. Also, if you’re one of the first 25 people in the US—or the first 5 in the UK—to lock-and-load on the Legendary difficulty level and successfully complete it, you’ll be automatically entered to win a trip to the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo! So check out the American Express and Xbox Live sync details this weekend so you’re all set for Halo 4‘s release this Tuesday on November 6th!

Oh, and for a last bit-o’-fun, a representative tweeted yesterday that people who legally received copies of Halo 4 early were accidentally banned in-game. They’re promising to fix the issue soon. Like… Maybe Tuesday? We’ll see!

Image courtesy of shacknews.com