Addressing the games media ‘problem’

George Broussard, the game designer of Duke Nukem Forever, decided to fire a couple shots at EGM editor Brandon Justice’s review of Halo 4 on Twitter this weekend:

George Broussard @georgeb3dr: Cool review, bro. Sorry, but you’re a retard if you give Halo 4 a 70. Zero credibility. …

Other members of the game media have jumped to defend Justice from Broussard’s attacks. GamingBolt’s Kartik Mudgal, in his article about the tweet, points out the irresponsibility of the comment and infers that Broussard, considering his own design pedigree, might want to reconsider his judgmental attitude of other people’s work (reviews or otherwise).

“This has stunned plenty of people, because you would never expect someone like Broussard to say this sort of a thing, that too publicly.”

Games media has been taking a thrashing over the past couple of weeks and perhaps some of us deserve it. Freedom of speech goes two ways. We can bad mouth a game or a company for making a bad product or a dumb decision, and they can fire back that the issues we cite in our reviews or editorials are inadequate. That’s the way it should work.

But accusations of suspect credibility are not to be taken lightly. Sure, Justice’s review of Halo 4 was harsh, but should we condemn his integrity based on one review? No. He actually might not like the game.

Hell, there’s plenty of games that people seem to love that I simply don’t like. Does that mean I should be called a shill? Nope.

In other words, I think that the discussion between game companies, the media and readers should be a free-flowing dialogue, but I don’t think that we should make a pariah out of everyone who gives a game a bad review.

Oh yeah, and don’t call people ‘retards.’ It makes you look like an idiot.