10 years on the Battlefield and 2 million plus Premium members, DICE thanks you with free download of Battlefield 1942

It has been 10 years since the release of Battlefield 1942, the PC game that kick started the Battlefield franchise. Its release heralded a new movement in online multiplayer action that quickly become popular, emphasizing large maps and cooperative play rather than the single-player campaigns offered by the Medal of Honor series and the soon-to-be released Call of Duty. So to celebrate, DICE and EA are offering Battlefield 1942 for free to Origin users. And if you aren’t an Origin member, all you need to do is sign-up. You can grab it on the Origins demo page.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

DICE is also celebrating the Battlefield 3 Premium membership in surpassing 2 million users worldwide since its June 2012 debut. For those interested, it’s a one time fee of $49.99 that allows you access to new content for Battlefield 3, which includes new weapons, new maps, new vehicles and more. A new expansion that Premium members will be able to get their hands on soon is Battlefield 3: Aftermath, set in post-earthquake Iran where a new crossbow weapon and modified troop and civilian vehicles to deliver deadly force will be available. The new DLC will be available for Premium PlayStation 3 members on November 27th, while Xbox 360 and PC Premium members will have to wait until December 4th. Those PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 players not enrolled in the Premium service can expect Aftermath to be available December 11th, whereas non-Premium Xbox 360 and PC players must wait until December 18th.