British retailer GAME welcomes Halo 4 with style

Is it enough to open your store at midnight to sell Halo 4, so fans can get their hands on what’s been called the best Halo game in the series? Apparently not for British retailer GAME. Besides having 292 stores open for the midnight launch all across Britain, GAME will take it a bit further tonight.

If you’re near Stratford in London, around 7:30 pm, make your way over to Butler’s Wharf for a “spectacular stunt on the river from the Greenwich Peninsular to Tower Bridge.” Those who snap a photo of the stunt and show it when they get to GAME Stratford can win limited edition Halo merchandise.

Not enough for you? If you happen to be among the first 50 people at Thames Walkway, a Halo bus will shuttle you to the Stratford store, where you can meet a guy dressed up as Master Chief. There will also be a life-sized replica of the Warthog, a gaming pod area, Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show, Kiki Wolfkill, executive producer of Halo 4, will be signing copies of the game, and if you’re extra lucky, you may end up being picked at random to win a limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 and Samsung Notebook 5 Series all for standing in line.

Anna-Marie Mason, Marketing Director at GAME says: “Halo is one of the best loved franchises in the gaming world and we know how excited fans are to get back into the shoes of Master Chief. We are delighted that Microsoft has partnered with us as the retailer of choice for Halo 4.”

It looks like the hype machine is running on all eight cylinders.