FPS Creator is RELOADED!

Popular do-it-yourself FPS tool FPS Creator may get a modern re-incarnation with the help of a newly launched Kickstarter campaign. The followup is to be titled FPS Creator Reloaded, and developers The Game Creators are hoping to meet the wishes of the FPS Creator community.

“The FPS Creator community have often astounded us with their games”, said Rick Vanner, director of The Game Creators. “Developing Reloaded via Kickstarter is a great way to work with our community to develop a collaborative tool that they told us they wanted.  It’s also a fantastic entry point for newcomers to be part of a new phase in FPSC development”.

The followup would reportedly include “over forty enhancements and build on its popular predecessor,” with addition such as the PhysX physics engine, new weapons, gameplay enhancements, new HUDS and a huge improvement in the audio department as well.

Interested in finding out more? Head over to the Kickstarter page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tgc/fps-creator-reloaded to get the full scoop on all the new features and the advantages of pledging to the project.