Yikes! Call of Duty: Black Ops II leaks two weeks early for Xbox 360?!?

Ah! Those pesky pirates are at it again it seems. Nearly two weeks before its official release, the Xbox 360 version of the highly anticipated sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops appears to have found its way onto torrent websites. Not overly good news for Activision, although I have a feeling there may be a number of people getting banned from Xbox Live sometime soon.

Although the leak may be unfortunate for Activision, the business of games leaking onto the web early these days seems to be commonplace. Halo 4 leaked approximately a month before its scheduled release date, so it seems that early pirating of games is an inevitable obstacle for game publishers.

It makes me wonder just how these games are being leaked so early? Disgruntled and over-tired employees perhaps? I have no idea, but the whole trend is somewhat strange to me.

Do you feel bad for game companies that have their games leaked early? Let us know what you think on this issue in the comments section below and be heard.