New Monster Hunter 4 screenshots released

A new batch of screenshots for Monster Hunter 4 has been uploaded to the official website recently, showing off the new dragon-like monster Goa Magara as well as the members of your traveling caravan. The screenshots also something known as the ‘Insane Dragon Virus’. The virus can be caught if you are attacked by a Tigrex and a gauge will suddenly appear below your name, and increase as you take more damage from the Tigrex.

If the gauge fills, you will be overcome with the ‘Insane Dragon Illness’ and your natural recovery gauge vanishes. However! As you continue to attack the Tigrex, you can overcome the illness and upon defeating the monster, the satisfaction rate of your weapon shall be increased significantly!

There are only a few, but go check out the new screenshots below if you’re interested in seeing some of the new stuff Monster Hunter 4 has to offer.

Screenshot gallery