EA releases new trailer for Crysis 3

A new trailer has been released for Crysis 3.

The trailer is primarily intended to show you the special “Hunter” edition of the game, which grants you access to bonus multiplayer content in the series’ new multiplayer mode called “Hunter”.

The mode pits two teams, Hunters and CELL Troopers, in team-based game of cat and mouse. The Hunters have to take down the CELL troopers until there are none left. The twist is, that each CELL Trooper who gets taken down turns into a Hunter, tipping the balance in favor of the Hunters. On consoles each round will kick off with 2 hunters against 10 CELL Troopers, while on PC, each round will start with 2 hunters and 14 CELL Troopers.

Crysis 3 is set for release some time in 2013.



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