Buy or Bargain Bin: Super Mario Bros vs Legend of Zelda

Welcome to Buy or Bargain Bin, the game where the readers choose which game they would rather buy or have tossed in the $5 bargain bin. The game is simple, every week I pick two videogames either past or present and you choose which one lives and which one dies. Cast your vote below and also provide a reason or reasons why you “bought” one game and “killed” the other in the comment section.

Hitman: Contracts was last weeks winner and will move on to the 32 game tournament after 32 weeks of Buy or Bargain Bin.

Earlier this week I was packing up some of my junk, getting ready for my move back to Massachusetts when I came across my NES. I bought it a few years ago because I never had one as a kid and always wanted one. It was covered in dust and had Super Mario Bros already in. Surprisingly it turned on in one try and I also came across my Legend of Zelda, which was right behind my NES. After a few hours of nostalgia I turned it off and packed my NES away with all the rest of my random stuff.

It was a great trip down memory lane, but I couldn’t keep playing due to the fact that the horrible 1980’s graphics were giving me a headache. I always had to go over a friends house or wait until a holiday to go to my cousins house to play these games. As I got older, videogame consoles in almost every house became the norm and finally when I got an Xbox for Christmas, I was kind of disappointed. I had the one thing every kid at that time wanted and I rarely found joy in playing the games or getting excited to get new ones. Often I found myself asking my friends if I could sleep over at their house’s, so we could play their games instead of mine. It was weird, but I never liked to play my own games and all of the older game consoles interested me far more than my Xbox. After a couple of years this feeling went away and I eventually found joy in videogames again. I keep older game consoles around like my N64, NES and Sega Genesis to remind me of the reasons why I love videogames and partly because of the fact my parents never let me have them as a kid…damn parents.

This week’s games are…

Super Mario Bros
















Legend of Zelda
















Do you think that you have two games that deserve a match-up? If you do go ahead and suggest them in the comment section below, the match-up with the most likes will be next Friday’s Buy or Bargain Bin.

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