Skyfall: 007 Legends download now available for free!

With the release of the newest James Bond film, the final mission for 007 Legends is now available for the PS3! Sadly, Xbox 360 owners and Steam subscribers will have to wait until November 20th for their download. The Skyfall mission thrusts players into Istanbul for a simple mission; hunt down a violent assassin. But with a 007 mission, there’s always more going on than what is seen.

The hunt turns into a dangerous chase through the streets of Turkey and ends atop a moving train, with Bond nearly being killed by a friendly sniper. After being presumed dead, James Bond must travel across the world for a final showdown in Shanghai to uncover the truth of his mission. PS3 owners, get on the Network and download your free copy! For the rest of us, enjoy the Skyfall preview for 007 Legends!