Grand Theft Auto V details and screenshots emerge

A lot of new information for Grand Theft Auto V has been revealed this morning along with 10+ screenshots. There’s quite a bit of information here, but I’ll try to split it up and make it easy for everyone to understand. Alright, let’s start with the first bit then, shall we? The characters of Grand Theft Auto V.


1. Trevor: A skilled helicopter pilot with a shady military background. This criminal’s psychotic personality is great for the kind of player who loves to go around and blow stuff up, and beat civilians with baseball bats for no reason.

2. Michael: He is an older man, a retired bank robber, that misses the good old days. He may be older, but he loves the excitement of danger and even starts out with a fancy car when you select him.

3. Franklin: Lastly, we have Franklin. Franklin is younger than the others and his expertise lies in sniping and driving. He’s a repo man working for some gangsters, looking for a new job. He meets Michael during one of his repo jobs.

The characters themselves are chosen through a radial menu and will switch during the story accordingly.

System mechanics

1. The physics engine for the game has been completely redone

2. The money you make in the game will feel very satisfying. The items you will be able to buy with your money will make you happy and glad you had so much money to spend.

3. Cover mechanics have been significantly improved and will play a much bigger role in this installment.

Missions and Multiplayer

1. There will be no co-op for single player missions, however… Co-op modes have been confirmed for multiplayer

2. The mission types are extensive, such as: hostage recovery, invasion, family, explosive, and even Grand Theft Auto missions which have been updated, and many more.

3. Missions are generally long and more deep than before. Multiple endings have been confirmed for different choices made.

4. There is music specifically made for missions, making it feel quite exciting when you hear it!

5. Multiplayer will play a big role and will have plenty of content to keep players busy for a long time.

6. The story will be based around five or six big robberies.

7. Side missions will be similar to that of Ambulance, Taxi, and Vigilante, however… They won’t be entirely identical as they don’t fit with the characters’ personalities completely. All three characters will be given odd jobs to do though.


1. An underwater stage has been added, which in turn means… Diving equipment will be in the game so you can explore underwater caves.

2. The California’s Salt Sea will now be known as the Alamo Sea.

3. The game will feature a fully functioning ecosystem with wild life and wild dogs have been confirmed.

4. The map can be explored to its entirety even from the very beginning.


1. Radio Love is a confirmed song.

2. Radio stations will now not only play music, but will also broadcast the news as well as the weather.

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