Vergil is here, and the Devil May Cry.

Oh god, that may be the cheesiest title I’ve ever wrote. Anyways, Dante, the main character of the Devil May Cry franchise, has a brother. A twin brother who also has plenty of experience in battling countless demons. This guy’s name is Vergil, and being that he was a very well-received character and was playable in the special edition of Devil May Cry 3, naturally the fans will be clamoring to have that privilege in the first game of the new series.

The powers that are Capcom have heard your crying and they have announced that Vergil will indeed be playable in this new installment, however, his story will be in DLC form, BUT if you live in North America and pre-order that game at Gamestop or EB Canada you can get this add-on for free when it’s released! Being that this DLC is giving you a new character with new weapons and moves who goes to new levels and fights new enemies, I say it’s a pretty fair trade when all you have to do is purchase the game ahead of time.

DmC: Devil May Cry ships to North America and Europe on January 15, 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and a PC version is planned to come out shortly after. Check out the trailer for the DLC below!
DmC Vergil’s Downfall Trailer

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