Dawn of Pirates DLC released for Port Royale 3

The high seas have expanded and the world is even larger for seafarers to explore in the latest expansion for Kalypso’s Port Royale 3.

In the brand new campaign, cut down anyone who gets in your way as a bloodthirsty pirate. Make the online community fear you with newly introduced leaderboards and fresh new “Ironman” mode, a playthrough without save points for only the most ruthless pirates.

It’s the 17th Century, and the world is at your mercy. Any unsuspecting cities or ports are as merciless as your swords and ammunition wants them to be. Start off your journey as a young adventurer or trader, and slowly build your ranks behind the backs of England, France, the Netherlands, and Spain as they all fight for control in the colonies. As an adventurer, you’ll use brute force to gain what you seek, while a trader is a master of economic manipulation, and uses his or her smarts to tighten their grasp on the world.

With an added free-play mode, you’ll be able to take on these rough waters however you like in the Dawn of Pirates DLC, available today on Steam.