Shin Hokuto Musou gameplay videos released for Shin, Shu, Yuda, Rei, and Souther

Great news, guys! New gameplay videos have been released from Tecmo Koei and Omega Force for Shin Hokuto Musou (also known as: Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2). On top of this though, additional details have been given about the game, so let’s go over that first.

Legend Mode makes a return! In the previous installment, Legend Mode followed the story of Kenshiro and his many battles, reenacting scenes straight from the manga. Now, we will be able to follow Kenshiro once more as he ventures to the ‘Land of Shura’ (this was introduced during the second season of the anime, Hokuto no Ken 2). Not only that, but we will also be controlling different characters this time during story mode, rather than playing from Kenshiro’s point of view the whole time!

Dream Mode also returns! Think of Dream Mode as a “what if” mode which creates scenarios for characters that may get less coverage in the main story. Some of them are a few episodes long while others are a mere 1-2. Regardless, these scenes are totally original, specifically for the game, so it should be interesting to see what new ones they come up with this time!

Over 20 playable characters confirmed! This is a very nice improvement as the last installment felt lacking, especially since we had many great NPCs that were unplayable, yet had full movesets. Here is our list of confirmed characters so far: Kenshiro, Toki, Raoh, Rei, Shin, Souther, Jagi, Mamiya, Yuda, Shu, Ryuga, Fudo, Juuza, Bart, Ein, Falco, Shachi.

As you can see, we’re missing three. If I had to take a guess, I’d say they are: Hyo, Rin, Han and Kaioh as they already have character art for them (well, all except Han anyway), so it could very well be them. In any case, not counting the DLC characters which will be coming too, this is quite a nice increase!

New moves! Along with the signature moves from the previous installment, they have added some additional moves to your repertoire. You are now able to sprint and dodge, so those should definitely come in handy now! I guess it makes up for them taking away the ability to jump, heh.

Online play introduced! You are now able to play Dream Mode online in either a co-op mode or versus.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m sure you’re all excited to see the new gameplay videos, so let’s see how they look.