Fans asked to name new weapons in Disgaea D2

Nippon Ichi Software wants your help naming a set of new weapons to be introduced in Disgaea D2! So, if you’ve got a knack for coming up with crazy and/or original names, read below as to how you can lend a helping hand!

There are a total of six weapons which need names. The list is as follows:



– Long Bow

– Gun Glove

– Axe


If you want to make a submission, please visit this site. It is unclear if they will accept English submissions, but I suppose you can try. After all, there is usually some English in Japanese games, so maybe if the name you choose is really good, they will accept it! You’re probably wondering how to submit this, so I’ll translate the entry boxes for you:

1. Entry Name (Pen name also acceptable)
2. Sword name
3. Lance name
4. Long Bow name
5. Gun Glove name
6. Axe name
7. Staff name
8. Any additional comments may be written here (probably used as a description for the weapon if you can think of a funny one)

After you’ve filled in the entry fields, just click the little box at the bottom to submit it. Submissions will end on November 30th and the names will be announced next month on December 14th. I might submit a few myself, but I want to think of one for each of them, so I’ll spend a couple of days coming up with the names for my entries. Check out the screenshot gallery below or visit the site to get a good look at each of the weapons to decide what you want to name them.

Good luck!

Weapon name submission form

Screenshot gallery