Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free-to-play, rewards current and former subscribers

BioWare and LucasArts have opened up the free-to-play service for Star Wars: The Old Republic as of today. This means you can now download the game and play for free! Players will be able to level each of the SW:TOR classes from 1 to 50 for no charge whatsoever, but if you want those extra boosts in XP and more inventory slots, count on coughing up some dough to unlock these. This will provide more flexibility to those currently subscribed as well, as the service will compliment subscription-based content already provided for the game. Current subscribers will also be upgraded to ‘Preferred Status’, which will give immediate perks to sprinting, bank slots, login queue priority and more. SW:TOR has also decided to reward all subscribers, current and former, with complimentary Cartel Coins, which can be used to purchase rare items, boosts, crafting material, etc.

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Today also marked the release of game update 1.5: HK-51 Activated. This adds new areas to explore, which includes the untouched prison world Section X of Belsavis, and a new companion in HK-51. You can count on some additional content from this update as well.

I dabbled in The Lord of the Rings: Online when it went F2P, and played up to level 27 with minimal money down (I payed $5 to get enough in-game tokens to purchase the ability to ride a mount) and had a great time doing so. So if you have had any desire to check this game out but didn’t want to pay for a subscription, now is your chance.