Black Ops II problems continue: Fat PS3 systems are crashing.

As usual, the bugs and glitches that have plagued past Call of Duty games have reared their head for Black Ops II. Because new COD releases are in such high demand by consumers, teams usually only spend a couple years making each game, leaving little room for tuning and debugging. But with such consistent record-breaking sales and online play, it proves there’s no reason to worry about it because players are okay with the flimsy patches offered. Anything to get them back in the game!

But larger problems have emerged from this week’s earlier issues which were just game-freeze. Now, it seems that within ten minutes of playing BO II, PS3 systems are shutting down. And so far, the only way to fix this problem is to restore the system and try again. Players have taken to the PS3 and Activision boards for answers. And it’s not just the older consoles that this is happening to, there have even been some reports of the slim PS3 falling prey to the issue. Activision’s facebook page claims that they do not have a patch yet, but players will be prompted for an update on start-up once they do.

And just in case you’re thinking about powering through and trying to hit that multiplayer anyway, be warned! Remember our earlier article about Treyarch promising to crack down on players who break the rules ? In case you thought they weren’t being serious, a user with the forum name of TEAMSHOKKER posted on PS3’s support forum that, “…the first time I didn’t even make it to the multiplayer menu before it shut off. I’ve had a few ‘successful’ runs where I made it through up to TWO games without it shutting off. But now they’ve given me a probation warning for not finishing matches so I’ve stopped trying.”

Here’s an example of the crash. Has this happened to any of you guys and girls yet? If you hear about a fix for this please let us know!