Sony wishes Nintendo success with the Wii U

A compelling argument can be made that Sony and Nintendo haven’t been competitors for quite awhile now.

The Nintendo Wii caters to a specific demographic of gamer (more casual or more enthusiastic about Nintendo exclusives). And, with the exception of the PS Move, Sony hasn’t really been looking to get in on that market.

That is, until Wii U was released.

Casual is just one of the markets that Nintendo is trying to corner with the Wii U. Nintendo’s new machine proudly boasts the ability to play all of the top-tier games (Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin’s Creed III to name a few) that were always so conspicuously absent from the original Wii’s release catalog.

In other words, the rivalry has been renewed.

This makes Sony Computer Entertainment president Jack Tretton’s statement wishing Nintendo luck with the Wii U even weirder. According to, Tretton hopes for the success of the system because it might generate the spark that reinvigorates the slumping gaming market.

Truthful well-wishing or a swipe at a competitor? I guess we’ll never know.

Game on, Sony. Game on.