DMC Demo Out now on PSN and XBOX Live

Devil May Cry is back on home consoles in January, with a PC version shortly after, and as of today you can get a feel of what the new game has to offer. The demo includes the opportunity to test out new Dante’s Demonic and Angelic weapons, Arbiter and Osiris, as well as the well loved Ebony & Ivory pistols. The demo itself includes two levels, a boss battle with the female demon Succubus, and the ability to unlock the ‘Son of Sparda’ difficulty mode; decent content for a demo. I got the chance to play DMC at Eurogamer and it was a ton of fun. There’s been a lot of hate for new Dante but he was as cool and fluid as old Dante ever was. If you can’t wait till January to try out new Dante for yourself then download the demo off PSN or XBOX Live.

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