Gangnam Style DLC now available for Just Dance 4

Over three-quarters of a billion views and counting! Gangnam Style remains just as awesome as it was a few months ago, and now you get the opportunity to dance along in Just Dance 4. The DLC is available for Xbox 360, and is coming very soon for other consoles. Specifics about when, where, and price for each console is detailed below.

Just in case you had any doubts, yes, the choreography in the track features the same dance moves as the video.

Update: We found a nice trailer for you :)

The in-game Just Dance store for Nintendo Wii™, Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and PlayStation® Network

•       November 20th for Kinect™ for Xbox 360®
•       November 21st for Nintendo Wii™
•       November 27th for PlayStation® Move
•       December 2012 for Nintendo Wii U™

•       300 Microsoft Points™
•       300 Wii Points™
•       $2.99 on the PlayStation® Network

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