Painful (“Payneful?”) Memories DLC on its way to Max Payne 3

Max Payne is about to relive some of his most awesome moments. On December 4th, Rockstar will be releasing the “Painful Memories Pack” for Max Payne 3. This pack is multiplayer only, and includes maps from classic Max Payne levels, only this time it’s less blocky and is in high definition (I’m gonna miss old static face Max!). Four maps comprise the pack, including the classic Marty’s Bar, and many new weapons and items will also be included, for maximum payne and mayhem (I’m sorry for the terrible puns). XBLA, PSN, and PC will all be getting the pack for $10 (and all on the same day!), and owners of the Rockstar Pass will be getting this content for free (the lucky devils). Sweet desktops and additional artwork are available at Rockstar’s website to help celebrate this nostalgic event. I’m always stoked for more slow-mo shooting, so color me excited!

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