Sexy and smooth outfits now available as DLC for Dead or Alive 5

New sexy and stylish outfits are available today for Dead or Alive 5. Three costume packs have been released for both the XBOX 360 and PS3 as DLC, or you can get all three in one full set for a discount and save some moolah! For around $5 each, the China Pack, What a Character 2 Pack, and Special Set 3 Pack add costumes to your favorite combatants, ranging from the risque to the downright weirdly amazing (Zack in a golden alien outfit with an pixel heart in the middle? I’d buy that twice).

The China Pack adds more cultural and sophisticated garb to the fighters, while the other two packs are more about spiciness for the ladies (Bondage Christie) and suaveness for the lads (Smooth Criminal Bass). Whatever your taste, there is something here for everybody, so you can show off your fighter to your friends and make them jelly. If you want all three, the Full Set Pack is also offered for $13, so you save a little bit of cash and get MAXIMUM CUSTOMIZATION.

More info is available at the Dead or Alive 5 webpage. I personally love fighters, but haven’t played Dead or Alive 5 yet. When I do, you can be sure to see me running around as Golden Alien Zack.

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