Tales of Hearts R battle system detailed

We’ve been talking a lot about the new systems being implemented into the Playstation Vita remake of Tales of Hearts originally for Nintendo DS, but we still don’t know much about it yet. That is… Until now. In this week’s issue of Famitsu, they not only covered the gauge which we believe is to be similar to Tales of Versperia‘s “overlimit” system, but they also introduced a couple of new details as well.

– The game will be running on a battle system known as ‘Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System’ or ARC-LMBS for short.

– Previously, we had stated that there was a chase-like function which allows you to close the gap between you and your enemy. This is called a ‘Chase Move’ and will allow you to continue combos after knocking an enemy back, and is usually linked with aerial combos or break attacks.

– The gauge to the left of the screen which we had been referring to as the “overlimit” gauge is actually called the ‘Spir Drive’. When activated, your stats are increased, you have infinite TC, you have resistance to knockbacks, and your aria time is zero. The Spir Drive consists of four levels as it increases and it is said that secret techniques (I believe they are referring to character specific ougis and hi-ougis here) can be unlocked once the gauge reaches level 4.

– Spir Drive is activated by pushing L along with the directional keys, similar to the system used in Tales of Vesperia where a different directional key applied to a different level on the gauge (i.e. pushing Up activates level 1, pushing Right activates level 2, etc.)

– A new arte titled ‘Grand Cross’ was also revealed for Calcedny

Credits: Tale Tale Source