Fight your friends with the power of words in the new Writer Rumble

Your favorite videogame rental company, GameFly, has finally ventured into the world of publishing, and their first published game is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived by man. Titled Writer Rumble and developed by Feel Very Yummy, this mobile game pits 6 literary greats against enemies from their books, and they fight using the power of WORDS. If monsters aren’t your thing and you have a thirst for personal blood-lust, you can fight your friends locally or online (Poe vs. Lovecraft, my dream match). Each player has their own unique power-ups to damage their opponent, making for some heated matches while trying to remember how to spell “pharmacy.” It is available now for Apple’s iOS, priced at $1, and it is coming to Android in early 2013. Expect content packs in the new year, too (I am praying for Chuck Palahniuk). You can purchase the game at its website right now!  There is also a kick-ass trailer below for those interested, enjoy!

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