Deadpool release date and announcement trailer

Are you ready for some intense, 4th wall-breaking action? Wade Winston Wilson and the people over at High Moon Studios sure hope so.

Deadpool is making his way onto consoles in 2013, Gamenguide reports.

Sean Miller, game director at High Noon Studios, described the character in a recent interview:

“The key is that Deadpool wants to be a likable guy… He’s been through a hellish life, and like many of us, the jokes he cracks help lighten up some pretty serious business. The game won’t be an endless stream of repetitive one-liners – he’s playing the game with you, so his thoughts and jokes are in the context of what you are both experiencing. He just lets out who he is, unfiltered – something none of us get to do in our day-to-day lives.”

It’ll be a nice change of pace if they can pull off the contextual-based humor. Most attempts to portray Deadpool in games have been marred with lackluster writing and faulty timing.

What bodes well for the company’s portrayal of the cult comic figure is that he’ll be voiced by… You guessed it, Nolan North. North will be taking a brief break from voicing every video game character ever to inject some badly needed life into the Deadpool game.

Overall, the game seems to be coming along well. And if you don’t believe me, just check out this new video.

Deadpool Game Teaser — Unedited