Petition for GTA V on PC hits 110,000 Signatures!

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for being cutting edge and refusing to conform to the rest of the gaming world. It appears that their fans are just as defiant as the game creators as they have launched a petition to ensure that the game is released on PC when it finally appears in Spring 2013.

Last week they had 40,000 signatures but this week that figure has more than doubled to 110,000. The signatures are coming from worldwide and PC gamers seem to be disheartened by the fact that the game is not scheduled for release on PC.

The website allows you to sign your name and leave the reason why you decided to sign up.

A couple of examples of reasons are:

Nathan Lazos of Australia: “I just want you to work on this game now instead of crappily porting it to the pc years after initial release.”

Damon Fowler of Texas: “Because I’m mostly a PC gamer and having it on PC would be so awesome! GTA has been one of the best games since I was a kid- er, umm… since I was 17 and able to play Mature rated games. Great memories on all of them.”

Juergen Kant of Germany: “PC is not dead!”

It’s pretty cool to see this kind of response from the gaming community and any GTA fan who is a PC gamer can sign up at the link below:

If you need to get your GTA fix, be aware that Vice City is being re-released on iOS and Android Devices on December 6th! Maurice Chavez and “Pressing Issues” on the go!

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