Details on exclusive Dead Space 3 pre-order bonuses

Have you been debating on whether or not to pre-order Dead Space 3 before its release in February? Well, here’s your reason. Whether you choose to pre-order the game at your local GameStop or online at Amazon, you’re in for a treat come February 5. When you pre-order Dead Space 3 at GameStop, you will receive a download code to play with the EG-900 SMG, a submachine gun. If you prefer pre-ordering online at Amazon, you will get the Tesla Enervator, an explosive weapon that utilizes electricity when fired. After winning more than 15 awards at E3, you know Dead Space 3 is going to be a great addition to the already stellar franchise that cannot be missed.

You’re going to be happy you pre-ordered when you’re busy obliterating the necromorphs with the EG-900 SMG or Tesla Enervator in Dead Space 3, out February 5, 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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