Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth is Now Available!

The Avengers have assembled on the Wii U in an interesting looking game based on one of the coolest crossover story-lines in Marvel history. The game is based on the Secret Invasion comics where an alien race known as the Skrull infiltrated Earth by posing as several important Super Heroes over several years. It was a really cool premise and could definitely translate into a good game.

The game is available both on Wii U and on Xbox 360’s Kinect. It’s a brawler where you have the choice of 20 different Super Heroes and Villains from the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine and even Doctor Doom or Loki! There are different game modes such as the campaign based on the Secret Invasion, arcade challenges and even online multiplayer. The game supports up to 4 players and they can either engage in co-op or versus game modes.

On a personal note, I’ll probably buy the game just to be Doctor Doom, but apart from my own preferences, the game seems interesting and looks like it deserves a chance.

To check out the full available characters and their profiles check out the link below:

Will you Assemble and pick up Battle for Earth on your Wii U or Kinect? Are you interested, like this writer is,  to be a villain like Doctor Doom or Loki?


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