Nine more characters revealed for Dynasty Warriors 8

Yes, you’re reading the title of the article correctly. It seems as though Tecmo Koei and Omega Force decided just revealing three every other week wasn’t enough, so today they have announced there will be nine additional characters to their already existing roster (which makes the roster higher than 70 characters at this point!). Three of the characters they are bringing back from older installments while the others are completely new!

Here is the list below:

Zhang Fei


Zhang Jiao

Sun Ce

Guan Yinping

Zhang Bao

Liu Bei

Guan Xing

Guan Yu

We can probably expect to see some screenshots released within the week or so since that seems to be the current rate at which they are distributing new content. On top of this new character reveal though, Famitsu also shared with us some more details about the combat system. Apparently there will be three elements your weapon can have. Those elements being:




To my understanding, Heaven is stronger than Earth, Earth is stronger than Person, and Person is stronger than Heaven. If you are using a weapon with an element stronger than your opponent’s, a spirit gauge will be present above the enemy in a form of a red circle (this way you don’t have to guess what their weapon’s element is). As you progress through the battle and the gauge drops to zero, you can execute a Storm Rush.

However, if your opponent’s weapon is stronger, a red mark will appear above their head (probably in the form of an X rather than a O, I’m guessing). During the fight, as the hits continue, you will be able to execute commands such as the Variable Attack and the Variable Counter. It is also said that each character will have three Musou attacks at their disposal.

I don’t know about you, but this game is definitely becoming more and more likely to be purchased by me in the future. The game is scheduled to release in Japan for Playstation 3 on February 28, 2013.