Ready thy blades! Forge is now available for download!

The recently Steam ‘Greenlight’-approved multiplayer experience Forge is now available for download via Steam, Amazon and GamersGate, and is also available directly through the Dark Vale Games web site. This game is one that I had seen back in September/October when it came up for voting on Greenlight and couldn’t help but hit that “I’D PLAY THIS!” button. Forge looks like the love child of MMO strategic PvP combat and the fast paced online shooter, resulting in some frantic multiplayer action all set in a fantastic looking world. Offering five character classes to play and customize, like the deadly Assassin or flame-wielding Pyromancer, equipped with an arsenal of devastating spells and attacks.

Dark Vale Games is offering up a special promotion with each purchase of Forge between now and December 18th: with each copy purchased, you will receive an additional copy free to give to a friend to join in on the action online.

Be sure to check back for our full review of Forge!