Three new Resident Evil 6 multiplayer modes to hit Xbox 360 before Christmas

Capcom is releasing three new multiplayer modes for Resident Evil 6 on the Xbox 360, December 18th (no word yet about when this content will hit other platforms). The Predator and Survivors modes are for 2-6 players, while Onslaught mode is only for 2, so only bring your bestest friend along for that one (or enemy, since it is competitive). Predator mode allows one player to play as the B.O.W Ustanak (who looks a lot like The Nemesis from Resident Evil 3), while you mercilessly hunt and kill your friends for the duration of the game session (unless they bring you down, SOMEHOW). Survivors mode looks to add a neat twist: if you get killed, you respawn as an enemy monster, and revert back once you kill another human player.

Onslaught mode tests your skills chaining combos and killing hordes of enemies, because the more you kill, the more you send to your opponent’s screen; kinda like Bust-A-Move, but instead of sending extra bubbles to your adversary’s game, it’s horrible, decaying monstrosities! Each mode will set you back 320 Microsoft Points, or you can get all three bundled for 720. A day earlier on the 17th, a free update will hit the game, allowing you to adjust the camera better, combine English audio with various subtitles in different languages, adds a co-op partner for Ada’s campaign, and includes the No Hope difficulty setting, for maximum hair-pulling.

Screens and video are available here.

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