Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter HD announced

Back in September, we announced that an HD Remaster for the First Chapter of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky was revealed to be coming to Playstation 3. Well, Falcom has announced recently that the Second Chapter is on its way as well, which… Honestly isn’t a surprise to me. The First Chapter is scheduled to release next week on December 13th.

Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky Second Chapter HD Remaster is scheduled to release on April 25, 2013. You can expect similarities between the First Chapter and Second Chapter. If you pre-order it, you get the following:

DRM-Free 44 song OST

Custom theme and illustrations

Calendar wallpaper

and more goodies (yet to be announced)

Much like the First Chapter, you can also transfer data from the PSP version to use in the Playstation 3 release. Please bear in mind though, data is region protected, so don’t expect to import this and use your data from the English version of First Chapter on PSP. Having said that, the pricing for Second Chapter is a little more expensive this time since it has the most content out of all three chapters. This game will be priced at 4,830 yen.

I’d be willing to bet my yen that we can expect an announcement in the next few months for the Third Chapter HD Remaster to come out and it will probably release around Fall 2013. You can hold me to that. It seems very likely at this point.